Created: 30 January 2019

Mission and values

  • The birth of the desired child in the desired time;
  • The birth of healthy child;
  • Reproductive health.
  • Reducing the number of abortions;
  • The reduction of the infant mortality from congenital and hereditary diseases;
  • Improving the efficiency of infertility treatment and miscarriage;
  • Improving reproductive health of adolescents.
  • The formation of an effective system of medical services providing quality medical care while simultaneously increasing the availability and economic viability.

Core values:

Mercy – needs assessment of each individual patient to provide high quality services at competitive prices.

Respect – respect for the dignity and personality of patients.

Integrity – preservation of proclaimed principles and high standards; demonstrating a high level of trust and integrity in relationships with patients and within the team CCoHR.

Collegiality – the constant self-analysis and cooperation, and create a system of trust on the basis of parity of responsibility and workload.

Openness – the principles of honesty and integrity in personal and collective action.

Professionalism is the focus of all their better knowledge, capabilities and experience for achievement of high results for the benefit of the patient and the team, through continuous development and learning.

We firmly believe that our core goals and values aimed at serving people and society.

We firmly believe that we are responsible for all our actions.

We believe in a real and effective implementation of our ideas in the development of strong and stable cooperation for the benefit of the communities we serve.